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Kurt Wittin Highlights Innovative Aspects of Designs by Seventeen Pools

Canadian entrepreneur Kurt Wittin has achieved his success by realizing early that product customization is a critical factor in building a loyal client base and expanding a business. His passion for innovation and design excellence has found its perfect outlet in Seventeen Pools – the company he founded to offer shipping container structures that bring to life the vision of the customers while adhering to the highest standards of quality. Since 2014, the business has been focused on the supply of swimming pools, utilizing shipping containers to deliver a product that is durable, versatile, and uniquely suited to meet the demands of any lifestyle. “We have taken the best in existing technology and materials and combined them with innovative add-ons to create swimming pools that delight without fail, making aquatic recreation easily accessible and affordable,” says Kurt Wittin.

Unlike most other market players, Seventeen Pools puts its customers at the center of the design process, a practice reflected in the company’s motto: “If you dream it, we can build it.” Fashioned from corten steel (one of the strongest materials used for building shipping containers), these structures have the advantages of being instantly ready upon delivery, taking minutes to set up, and easily lending themselves to relocation. “We want to offer customers durable and efficient swimming pools, but our mission is to deliver a unique experience overall,” according to Kurt Wittin. “Diven by this aspiration, we have devoted much time and effort to incorporate features that set out products apart. One example is a dividing wall which can convert the pool into a spa, making it possible to enjoy a dip all year round, even in colder climates.”

Safety is always a top priority during the design process, but the team at Seventeen Pools is keenly aware that the company’s container structures are intended to serve as a place for family fun and even provide an opportunity to combine work and relaxation when needed. Kurt Wittin explains, “Our pools can be controlled through smartphones and their functionality enhanced further by outfitting them with benches, various stair configurations, LED light kits, and windows. If the customer so wishes, we can build a structure that incorporates a basketball net or a full audio/video system, transforming the swimming pool into an active playground or an entertainment spot.” In addition to this selection of innovative features, customers can specify the depth of their pool or choose from three pre-designed options the company offers along with three pool sizes (20, 30, and 40 feet).

Kurt Wittin, a Canadian entrepreneur based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has founded two successful companies, drawing on his extensive experience in business management to build up enterprises recognized for their focus on innovation and sustainability. He currently devotes his time to Seventeen Pools, which has been supplying the US and Canadian markets with shipping container swimming pools since 2014. Dedicated to design perfection and customer satisfaction, Kurt Wittin has steered his company to a market-leading position, making it synonymous with durable, economical, and environmentally friendly structures that fuse innovative features and unique designs.

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